About Me

I’ve been working full time since I was 21 years old with very few breaks or vacations. In that time I’ve managed to accumulate a lot of stuff — some valuable, most not. I’ve had some incredible success, but also quite a few heartbreaking failures.  And in the process I watched myself become anxious, overwhelmed, greedy and inauthentic. Worst of all, I had become deeply unhappy.

There had to be another way to live. At the end of my rope, stressed out and frantic,  I started simplifying my life — long before I had discovered that there was such a thing as “minimalism.”  De-clutter a bit here. Get rid of a car there. Decrease spending, increase saving. Cook more. Waste less. Walk in nature rather than trudge the mall. Turn off my cell phone. And so much more…

A few Google searches one day turned me on to a vast community of people who felt the way I did, and it was like a lightbulb went on. My desire to minimize became more galvanized than ever. Plus, I wanted to join them!

So I started this blog to chronicle my path to less. I’m happy you’re here! I look foward to sharing with you, and hearing your ideas and comments as well.




§ 11 Responses to About Me

  • I love your site name and description of yourself Bethany! I think we have a lot in common. 🙂

    • Agreed! I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months, and what stands out for me is the quality of your writing (and the fact that your site looks awesome! I haven’t quite unlocked the secrets of WordPress yet…) Thank you for your kind comments!

      • Thank you so much Bethany!

        Do you have an RSS subscription option? I see the email subscription form, but I’m trying to keep all of my new subscriptions in an RSS reader since my email was becoming out of control! 😉

  • Hi Bethany,
    I’ve just discovered your blog. Your story sounds all too familiar to me. It am on a similar journey and it has been such a revelation to me that there is a different, richer and more meaningful way of living.

  • Hi Bethany!

    Wow, are we similar. I, too, am very Type A. How are you handling getting rid of kid items? We have two little guys, and I want to get rid of A LOT, but I also don’t want to create future hoarders. It seems like a tricky balance to achieve.

  • Hi Megyn!

    Basically I was pretty lucky that they didn’t have TOO much stuff to begin with. Over the course of a few months I enlisted their help. They were the ones who de-cluttered their space. If there was anything they balked about — even though I knew they hadn’t even looked at the thing in years — we put it in the garage so they could play with it any time they wanted. When they didn’t ask about it — I Goodwilled it. They never ONCE asked for a single thing after it was de-cluttered. Out of sight, out of mind.

    Clothes were a big thing. I counted 19 pairs of pants that didn’t seem to fit anyone… We have just been downsizing regularly as they outgrow or wear stuff out, and we’re just not replacing it yet. The thing that I’ve really noticed (and maybe this will help you keep your eye on the prize) is that they are so much happier with less stuff to step over, less stuff to organize and less stuff to put away. They clean their room in half the time and since they do their own laundry, the loads are smaller and they think before they just toss something in the hamper. They can almost always find what they are looking for. So while it might seem painful at first, in the long run you’ll have happier, more organized kids. The stress level in our house has been downsized as well…

    • I hope they get there one day! They are only 16 months & 3 years, so I have a long time before they are doing their own laundry and truly tidying up after themselves. You give me hope, though!
      PS- I also think my idea of “a lot” is very different than most people’s lol.

  • artstylelove says:

    I’m on the same quest as you…it’s amazing how much we do acquire over a lifespan!

  • joiekarp says:

    Love your blog, looking forward to seeing more posts from you!

  • Adam says:

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! 🙂

  • Mindy says:

    So happy I came across your site. I’ve been practicing minimalism the last year or so. Like many people say…I feel so much lighter and happier!! I feel so fabulous taking a load of stuff to goodwill! My next step is going to a vegan lifestyle. It feels wonderful to come in contact with like-minded people and hear stories of others’ ideas and journies! Thanks for the inspiration!

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